Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Power of Religious Healing and Meditation.

A con man and a crazy blond bimbo wondering round old castles saying things such as there's a coldness around us, guffawing, naturally there is any person with half a brain knows these places are drafty. I was brought up in a English haunted mansion in the West Midlands Britain , and I really loved it, I had an exorcism performed on at the age of 7 because my adoptive ma was a nut case, she experimented in the mystical, anyhow the exorcism didnt work, however I haven't ever been ready to spin my head around and throw up huge amounts of green bile, though I believe it might have made an amazing party trick. When you walked into the entrance hall of the house you came head to head with a massive stuffed full sized brown bear, which scarred the c**p out of one of my college buddies Susan when she initially came to stay in my home overnite, although it was just standard so far as I was concerned. Naturally the remainder of the environment she came eyeball to eyeball with in the entrance hall didnt help, naturally there had been the mandatory stags head, fox head, and glass display cases with dead bugs including butterflies, all things that I don't have any fear of but don't especially like, having a leaning towards seeing wild animals or any creatures in their natural environment. But Susan was in a unusual kind of shock that first time she came to remain, it was as if she had been faced with arriving at the Adams Family home, we had a giant gong at the base of the staircase, and when this was banged to summon everybody to the table she near enough wet herself. For some like me it can be with you for almost all of your grown up life. I had always being a quite boy and had endured from bullying in class which lead me to drop out early to work on the family farm. I became rather more sad and forsaken as I now had tiny contact with the external world aside from attending Sun. mass. At last I was able to live a rather more satisfying life although I continued to have many reversals and downers. I can remember the peace and sense of contentment I felt at those courses so well. Never in all my time in main line faith did this sort of emotional sense of happiness appear. Driving back to Cavan on those evenings I was so content for a change. When rearing a young family I drifted away from making time daily for religious matters. I stopped using Reiki and moved on it appeared. Here's a cool story on the subject of cheap wedding candle favors. The sole bad thing that came out of my being brought up in a villa did to me is left me as a registered claustrophobic so the concept of bondage freaks me out. I am able to handle almost anything life throws at me, but I might return and live in that mansion in the blinking of an eyelid if I could, as a haunted property doesn't trouble me in any way.

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