Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ceromancy : The Fine Art of Candle Reading.

Recently , I've been asked lots of questions in the Mystic Realm chatroom about "ceromancy".

That's the fine art of reading a situation by studying the way a candle burns. The jumping and reaching candle flames are seen to represent the souls of the people concerned in the situation being read. For example, one member, yesterday asked me what it meant when the wax from the candle she was burning for love softened into the form of a heart.

Another phenomenon that I'm consistently asked about is what I call "accelerated sorcery. This is mostly good news and implies that your prayer or request will most likely be answered quite speedily. Click link for more news all about cheap wedding favor candle. One of the questions that I'm asked most frequently on the realm, is color of candle should I burn for what purpose? And when. As a practicing witchlet, the very first thing you need to do is find out how to * pray your heart out and * giggle maniacally. So far as Im concerned no spell is really complete without fervent wishing and praying followed by a maniacal giggle ( to seal the spell. ) The second thing you need to do is get to grips with the phases of the moon. If the candle smoke wafts toward you it suggests that your prayer is likely to be answered. If it wafts away from you, then it implies that you'll need a good deal of persistence so as to have your prayer answered. It is amazing when the candle appears to collapse outward or unfold like a flower. I consider that to be suggestive that your wish will be granted. If the flame is buried by the wax, to me that's frequently an indicator that the wish won't be granted. Reading wax drippings is a completely intuitive matter.

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