Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Common Candle Questions - Answered.

The 1st candle holders, made from clay, date back as far as 4th century B. C Egypt. They are definitely a bright addition to home dcor. You'll find candle holders for any assortment of candles, including : angled, pillar, votive, floating, tealites, birthday, and so on. Candle holders are available to match any form of dcor. So the next time you've a summer party set out a couple of our lit triple-wick candles and be astonished by the result. Another tid bit about our candles is that, unlike lots of our competition, including the country's leading candle company, Susquehanna Candles have an unusually high liquefying point.

This implies that they won't deform or melt all over the rear seat of your vehicle on a hot summer day, nor will they arrive at your door, after cargo, in any alternative way than perfect condition wicks remaining straight and wax unblemished. I am fearful of lighting candles in my home because I have youngsters what would you suggest as an alternative?

Plenty of our candles can smell a little room without even being lit. Also, our candles are made from 100 pc Cotton Wicks and the wax is of the best quality and food grade ; that implies we use the same wax in our candles as do chocolate and candy bakers. You may even have an instant candle holder by selecting a candle in a jar with an ornamental lid.

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